I feel I have to say a great thanks for the remarkable work you recently performed on my much loved 4 Runner.  Your professional expertise, your concern and advice throughout the entire transaction was indeed refreshing. A few of us love our old cars and their marque.

Thank you for your great work (still walking around it and can’t believe).




What can I say, you have worked on my husband’s car and my business vehicle.  Your professionalism, your workmanship and your business ethics are of high standard.  Would and will recommend your business.

Thank you


Books Alive Bookkeeping.


Thanks so much for the work you did on my car.  I dropped it off looking dusty and unloved and when I came back I didn’t recognise it.  I don’t think it’s been this clean and shiny since I bought it.  Very professional.

Kylie Snell


Hi Brent,

I wanted to personally thank you for solving a much bigger problem than you realized.  My Suzuki means more to me than you would probably think, I only got my licence 2 years ago after years of anxiety and worry.  I was in a horrible car accident when i was younger and just the thought of me being in the drivers seat really scared me.  To have someone run into me made me feel sick and made me really question not my intention to get my license but the sheer stupidity of those who don’t follow the road rules.

Thank you for organizing my car so quickly, so professionally and for being a genuinely lovely man who puts a distressed lady at ease.

You did more than your good deed for the week.

Thanks again,

Resli Calverley